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    Prediction of harvesting 20 tons of saffron in Herat, Afghanista

    The 7th national saffron flower festival was held in Herat, Afghanistan, with the aim of more marketing and finding better…
    4 weeks ago

    The price of saffron in various markets in Iran

    The price of saffron and saffron flowers In Iran, as the largest producer of saffron in the world, saffron farms…

    An Iranian MP claimed: The Ministry of Agriculture will start the agreed purchase of saffron in the coming days; 20% more than the current rate / 30% reduction in saffron production

    In his new remarks, Dr. Zanganeh, Member of Parliament, pointed out the important points, the excerpts of which can be…

    Beautiful pictures of saffron harvest in Iran

    You can see beautiful and eye-catching pictures of saffron harvest in Iranian saffron farms:

    The fall in saffron flower prices coincided with the expansion of saffron flower harvest from saffron farms in Iran

    Harvesting of saffron flowers from saffron farms in Iran continues. In recent days, different cities and provinces have started harvesting…

    Saffron Flower Festival and Afghan Saffron Food Exhibition from the Perspective of the Camera

    The 5th Saffron Flower Festival and an exhibition of local and saffron dishes were held today, Thursday, in the presence…


      Safrron markets

      Saffron is currently traded in large quantities in 4 different markets:

      Cash market: which is traded daily and traditionally in different cities, especially in Mashhad, Torbat Heydariyeh, Kashmar, Ghaen and Yarjand.

      Stock Exchange Cash Market: In this market, red gold is done in cash and only through the physical hall of the Commodity Exchange and in a transparent way.

      Exchange Deposit Certificate Market: In this market, the saffron warehouse receipt delivered to the warehouses accepted by the Iran Commodity Exchange is traded. There are currently 6 active warehouses and up to 400 kg of red gold are traded daily in this market.

      Futures and options market: This market is one of the financial derivatives defined on the red gold deposit certificate and the relevant securities are traded on the Commodity Exchange from Saturday to Thursday

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      Price Table

      Saffron TypeMarketPrice ($/kg)

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