saffon price analysis

With the increase in the price of Negin in bourse, the tendency of exporters to buy decreases!


In a conversation with Engineer Sabbaghzadeh, the price of saffron and recent fluctuations in the stock market and the cash market were examined.

In the conversation between Saffron World and Engineer Rasoul Sabbaghzadeh, one of the prominent saffron exporters, various issues were raised from saffron prices to saffron export status. Read the summary of this conversation.

Engineer Sabbaghzadeh considers the quality of Negin Borsi in the symbols of rural and golden cooperatives to be appropriate at current prices and considers this to be effective in increasing demand. داند. However, he emphasizes that if the upward trend in the price of Negin Bourse continues, the willingness of active exporters in the stock market to buy will decrease. Companies know how to buy saffron and believe that the psychological effect of this cooperation increased demand.

Mr. Sabbaghzadeh believes that February can record the highest demand in the whole year. Foreign companies, especially Europeans, tend to meet their demand in January, and therefore, practically, after February, the demand On the part of Europeans, it is drastically reduced. In fact, this behavior of European companies, along with the approach of Nowruz, increases the demand in domestic and foreign dimensions, and thus can lead to record high rates. In addition, in his view, the performance of the cooperative should also be considered; Rural Cooperative will supply the purchased products after Nowruz and thus we will face an increase in supply. Considering all these elements, we may see an increase in prices in the coming weeks from an average of at least 4 to a maximum of 8%. .

Like Mr. Baiseh, he considers the situation of saffron exports as in previous weeks and believes that the demand from foreign companies has not changed.

He added that the supply of saffron to the cash market in the last week has not changed significantly and the saffron supplied to the market still meets the existing demand.

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