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Production of saffron pills to inhibit cancer cells

Production of saffron tablets to inhibit cancer cells

Researchers at Birjand University, proving the antioxidant properties of saffron, began to produce tablets with this plant. According to the world of saffron, other types of saffron pills, including crocin pills, had been produced before, but so far these products have not been widely commercialized.

According to ISNA, Mohammad Ali Behdani, professor and faculty member of the Department of Crop Ecology, Birjand University, described Iran as the largest producer of saffron in the world and added: “These products are mostly exported raw to other countries and the place of technological saffron products in the world is empty.” Is. To fill this gap, we implemented various research projects with the participation of the private sector and the support of the Medicinal Plants and Traditional Medicine Development Headquarters. He stated that in these studies, we researched on organic saffron free from any pollution, toxins, chemical fertilizers and other herbicides. In these studies, we conducted joint studies on the anti-cancer properties of this plant and the superiority of organic saffron in controlling Cancer cells were identified as antioxidants. Behdani mentioned the production of saffron pills as another achievement of these studies and reminded: this pill is being licensed by the Food and Drug Administration and we intend to sell it as a medicine in pharmacies.


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