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Why did the price of saffron in bourse increase?

In the conversation between the world of saffron and the activists of the red gold industry, the issue of increasing the price of saffron was examined

“Saffron World” is determined to hold talks with some reputable and well-known market activists in order to explain the conditions prevailing in the market. In the first series of these talks, we went to Mr. Bayasteh. He is one of the senior managers of Saharkhiz Company. Trend. See the summary of this conversation.

✅ Increase in the price of saffron, why? The arrival of regulatory bodies to investigate recent events.
He believes that part of the liquidity out of the housing market and
Currency has created false demands by entering the Saffron Exchange
The price of saffron has increased.

✅ What is the status of saffron exports these days?
Regarding the current situation of saffron exports and foreign demand, it is necessary to speak openly about the lack of increase in demand these days and believes that the corona virus has not affected the demand of Chinese companies because we are on Chinese holidays and even if In the absence of the disease, as in previous years, Ginny companies stopped operating during the Chinese New Year holidays. He also noted the relative stability of demand
Domestic companies speaks.

چگونهHow do you evaluate the supply of saffron to the market?
Has the supply of saffron to the market by farmers changed? In response to this question, he stated: The supply of saffron has decreased in recent days and the reason is the increase in prices in the stock market. In fact, with rising prices on the stock exchange, farmers are waiting for the price to rise in the cash market, which is why they have temporarily stopped selling their produce.

Will prices increase in February and March?
He believes that, in the last days of February and March, we will probably see an increase in prices. He considers the reason for the possible increase in prices to be the ancient Nowruz; This issue will increase the demand not only domestically, but also in countries where Iranians are numerous, and consequently will increase the price of saffron. Of course, he raises the possibility that price increases in recent days could Eliminate this scenario.


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