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The annual production of “saffron” in Afghanistan reached 13 tons

View of the situation of saffron equipment in the eastern neighbor
The annual production of “saffron” in Afghanistan reached 13 tons

Although saffron production in Afghanistan has grown to 13 tons per year more than expected, the growth rate is still very slow to reach the level of 400 tons in Iran. It is worth mentioning that today, the spokesman of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Afghanistan announced that the production of saffron in this country in the current crop year increased by 20% compared to the previous year and reached 12 thousand 955 kg. According to the Saffron World, Afghan officials have said that the country has the capacity to produce 70 tons of saffron per year.

According to Mizan, Akbar Rostami said that saffron cultivated lands in Afghanistan for the current crop year also increased by 21% to 6,200 hectares. He added that the provinces of Herat, Faryab, Kandahar, Balkh, Sar-e-Pul and Farah, respectively, have the highest saffron production this year. Therefore

Afghanistan is also testing greenhouse saffron

A spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Agriculture said that with the start of scientific research into the cultivation and production of greenhouse saffron in cooperation with China, this method has yielded good results in Daikundi, Bamyan and Kabul provinces.

Afghanistan Saffron Equipment Figures at a Glance

According to Rostami, 100 saffron dryers have been distributed in 31 provinces of Afghanistan and six standard processing and packaging centers in Herat and Faryab provinces have been equipped for that product. A spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Agriculture said that more than 6,600 saffron farmers have been trained in production, processing and packaging in the field of education and capacity building. According to him, 25 training places have been created for saffron farmers and the quality assessment laboratory in Herat has been better equipped.

According to the world of saffron, the announcement of this news is while the greenhouse cultivation of this crop has not been successful in most countries, including Iran and China, and has more of a symbolic aspect.

Afghans earn $ 17 million from saffron

Rostami said that this year, Afghan farmers earned $ 17 million from the sale of onions and saffron flags, and that 90 percent of Afghanistan’s saffron production was exported to European, Arab and American countries. The Afghan government is working to tackle narcotics cultivation through alternative crops in the country by promoting saffron and other crops such as aloe vera, which provide a good income for farmers.

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