The price of saffron in various markets in Iran

The price of saffron and saffron flowers
In Iran, as the largest producer of saffron in the world, saffron farms stand out these days. More than ninety percent of the world’s saffron is produced in Iran; Therefore, information about the current price of saffron in Iran is an interesting and useful topic for the industry activists all over the world.

The price of Nagin saffron and Pushal saffron is listed in the table below. Naturally, Nagin saffron has a higher price than Pushal saffron due to its higher quality.

In addition, the price of saffron in various markets is also listed in the table. It should be remembered that during the last several years, saffron products are also bought and sold in the Iranian stock market.
Nagin saffron is considered the highest quality type of saffron.Although Pushal’s saffron has a lower quality than Negin’s saffron; But traditionally it has many fans in some countries.

Also, from now on, the saffron price table will be updated weekly on our website.

Price table of saffron types in Iran

Beautiful pictures of saffron harvest in Iran


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