An Iranian MP claimed: The Ministry of Agriculture will start the agreed purchase of saffron in the coming days; 20% more than the current rate / 30% reduction in saffron production

In his new remarks, Dr. Zanganeh, Member of Parliament, pointed out the important points, the excerpts of which can be seen below:

In the last two days, we have met with saffron growers in different places and studied the condition of agricultural lands and flower markets.
We also had several meetings with government officials today. Finally, it was decided that the Ministry of Agriculture would buy saffron from farmers; Also at a price higher than current market rates. Now all the facilities are ready for the private sector to enter the saffron discussion, and the banks are ready to pay the facilities from October 18th.
Today, it was decided that the banks will actively finance the purchase of saffron and provide facilities to exporters with easier conditions.
The Ministry of Agriculture will definitely buy saffron for support. This will be done in the next few days. The purchase price of saffron by the Ministry of Agriculture will be higher than the current market price. The purchase price will probably be between 15 and 20% higher than the current rates.
My field visits and the statements of farmers indicate that saffron production has decreased by almost 30% this year. Some people repeatedly claim to increase saffron production, but this is not true and the amount of saffron production has decreased this year.

The fall in saffron flower prices coincided with the expansion of saffron flower harvest from saffron farms in Iran

Eye-catching pictures of Iranian saffron farms these days

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