about saffron

Here are the basics and basic information to about saffron ; Saffron cultivation, saffron markets, saffron transactions, history of saffron and ….

about saffron. 1- cultivation

read here about saffrron cultivation

To get acquainted with the saffron industry, you should keep in mind the three categories of the process and its key calm:

1- Onion planting process (coriander):

2- (Irrigation, weeding, fertilizing and breeding)

3- Separating the stigma from other flower components

about saffron,2- safrron markets:

saffron is currently traded in large quantities in 4 different markets:

Cash market: which is traded daily and traditionally in different cities, especially in Mashhad, Torbat Heydariyeh, Kashmar, Ghaen and Yarjand.

Stock Exchange Cash Market: In this market, red gold is done in cash and only through the physical hall of the Commodity Exchange and in a transparent way.

Exchange Deposit Certificate Market: In this market, the saffron warehouse receipt delivered to the warehouses accepted by the Iran Commodity Exchange is traded. There are currently 6 active warehouses and up to 400 kg of red gold are traded daily in this market.

Futures and options market: This market is one of the financial derivatives defined on the red gold deposit certificate and the relevant securities are traded on the Commodity Exchange from Saturday to Thursday.

about saffron , type of saffron :

Saffron and its common definitions and categories in the Iranian market

More than ninety-five percent of the world’s saffron is produced in Iran, and this has led to the dominance of Iranian words, terms and categories in the world saffron market. Therefore, in order to properly understand the types of saffron it is necessary to refer to Iranian sources. It is obvious that some of these terms do not have the equivalent word in English and therefore even in non-Persian sources…………. read more about saffron types

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