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Harvesting of saffron from Iranian saffron farms began / Price of one kilo of saffron flowers, how much?

In the last ten days, saffron flower harvesting has started in Iran and is expanding every day. In the first days of harvest, the scarcity of saffron flowers in the market had caused high prices for this product, but with the passage of the first days and the expansion of saffron flowers harvest from various fields, the price of saffron flowers decreased significantly.
In the first few days of saffron flower harvesting, each 3 kg of saffron flowers was traded at $ 28. With the passing of the first days, the price of saffron flowers, however, experienced a sharp decline and fell sharply. In the last two days, every 3 kg has fallen to less than $ 10. This decrease, of course, also caused some incidents. In recent days, farmers have protested in various ways against the significant drop in the price of saffron flowers. In some Iranian cities, saffron growers appeared in front of government institutions and demanded that the saffron market conditions be improved. continued ; So much so that today each kilo of saffron flowers was traded for less than $ 3.
See the picture of saffron flower in the following picture:

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