In a meeting with the exporters, the purchase price of saffron was announced

In recent days, the announcement of the minimum price of saffron has become very newsworthy. Three days ago, a meeting was held with the presence of a number of Iranian parliamentarians, a number of saffron exporters and producers, in which agreements were made regarding the price of saffron.
In this meeting, the minimum purchase price of each kilogram of saffron flowers was announced by activists, traders and exporters of this product as one million and 500 thousand Rials. Also, in this meeting, the minimum purchase price per kilogram of pooshal saffron  was set at 160 million rials and the minimum purchase price per kilogram of negin saffron was set at 200 million rials.

This agreement, of course, should be supported by mechanisms. The most important is the payment of loans to exporters. We have to wait and see to what extent this issue will be able to serve the interests of Iranian farmers.

Saffron price chart : reduction of saffron price in spot and CDRs ; increase of price in futures market

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