Prediction of harvesting 20 tons of saffron in Herat, Afghanista

Trying to double the production of Herat's saffron in one year

The 7th national saffron flower festival was held in Herat, Afghanistan, with the aim of more marketing and finding better ways to sell it, with the presence of farmers, exporting companies and local officials.

In this festival, officials and farmers announce the increase of saffron products and say that its harvest has doubled compared to last year.

Bashir Ahmad Ahmadi, head of agriculture of Herat Department of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, says: “This year, we have about seven thousand hectares of land under saffron cultivation. We expect to harvest more than 20 tons of saffron this year. “One kilogram of saffron, super precious saffron or good saffron costs 100,000 to 110,000 Afghanis in Herat market.”

Meanwhile, Pir Mohammad Halimi, head of Herat’s Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, announced in this festival that Afghan farmers have switched from planting drugs to saffron as the reason for the increase in Afghanistan’s saffron production. Regarding the reasons for the success of Afghan farmers, he says to Saffron:

“The first reason is that the price of saffron has increased, and the second reason is that people stopped growing opium and turned to saffron. We hope that next year the production of Afghan saffron will reach more than 40 tons.

The price of saffron in various markets in Iran


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