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Saffron price chart : reduction of saffron price in spot and CDRs ; increase of price in futures market

What is the price of New Year saffron?

The price of saffron has decreased in most markets in Iran in recent weeks. However, in the future market, unlike other markets, we saw an increase in prices. While the price of saffron decreased in the two markets of spot and certificate of deposit, but the futures market was spared from this decrease and even saw an increase in the price of saffron. It should be noted that Negin Super saffron is not traded in two certified and futures markets, and to understand the price of this type of saffron, you should refer to Spot.

Although the price of saffron has been declining in Spot in recent weeks, Negin Super Saffron was an exception. Negin Super Saffron is still in better demand and its price, unlike other types of saffron, is stable.
The saffron harvest season has begun in Iran. In the cold regions of Iran, saffron flowers have started to grow and farmers have started harvesting saffron; Therefore, we will soon see the unveiling of the price of saffron, saffron harvested in the new year. Of course, during this week, some sources also announced the transaction of a new product in the range of 18 million Tomans; A price that is very far from the current prices of saffron last year. We have to wait and see; Will this price remain stable with the increase of saffron in the new year or not?

Last week saffron price chart :

Saffron price table; Rising saffron prices in all markets

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