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Saffron price table; Rising saffron prices in all markets

The growth of saffron prices in all markets made the saffron price table all green

Saffron price table; Rising saffron prices in all markets

Recent economic changes in Iran have raised the dollar price of saffron for the second time in a row. Of course, in the previous table, Negin saffron was negative in the futures market, but this time, Negin saffron was also positive in the futures market, so that the saffron market would be completely green.
Although prices in the saffron market increased and this increase occurred in all markets, but this increase was not the same in all markets. The growth of saffron price in Negin saffron was more than Pooshal saffron. Thus, Negin saffron index increased by 2.5% in all saffron markets; While this increase in the index of pooshal saffron was 1.8 percent.
The futures market witnessed the most changes among the types of saffron markets. Negin saffron in the futures market increased in price by 6.2% and pooshal saffron increased by 5%. The lowest amount of saffron price increase also occurred in Spot. Both types of saffron saw a slight increase in price of more than 1% in the spot. However, it should be noted that the volume of changes in the spot is usually slower and the percentage is often lower.

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