Saffron price boom in futures market

The saffron futures prices reached $ 690

The saffron price (futures prices) reached $ 690 and the upward trend continues

today, 5 july 2020 in Iran’s futures market, buy situation for aban (november 2020) increased and prices reached 165000 rials equals 785$

table below show the average saffron prices  in different markets in Iran

4 - saffron price

saffron prices (wholesales)  Descended below the 500$ for some days after Corona epidemic


Miri described the situation of saffron exports in June this year as favorable as before crona in 2019 and said: the amount of exports in June 1999 was almost equal to the same amount in the same period last year.

Miri is Chairman of the saffron  Exporters’ Union in Iran


about the saffron prices see this video:

Mr Shariati He explains the production process and reason of the high price of saffron

Of course, saffron is not expensive at all compared to its various properties

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