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How is saffron produced?


To get acquainted with the saffron industry and saffron production , you should keep in mind the three categories of the process and its key calm:

1- Onion planting process (coriander):

Saffron is a perennial plant that yields up to 7 (and sometimes 10 years) by planting onions or coriander in the first year. The image below shows the planting process. To plant one hectare of saffron land, about 6 to 10 tons of onions are needed.

Saffron onion and its planting

saffron production, 2- (Irrigation, weeding, fertilizing and breeding)

Saffron contains fertilization, weeding, irrigation and breeding. Irrigation is done 3 to 5 times a year. Usually, one hectare of saffron land needs about 4,000 cubic meters of water (per year), but due to the coincidence of irrigation periods with autumn, winter and spring, if it rains on time, this amount will decrease.

Breaking is done before the flowers appear in September or October


Saffron onions usually give grass after the flowering period (flowers first, then leaves). As the picture below shows, saffron leaves need to be irrigated and sprayed during this period. Because food is made for next year’s flowering this year and stored in onions. The image below shows the foliar application of the plant. It also shows the high volume of leaves produced. This leaf is usually sold at the end of the season as animal feed.

saffron production

Foliar spraying of saffron field is one of the important stage processes.


Foliar spraying of saffron field is one of the important stage processes….

saffron production
برداشت گل

saffron production

Separating the stigma from other flower components

Due to the high density of production, it is usually difficult to find labor to clean the flowers, and sometimes you have to sell the flowers.

saffron production

Many farmers sell flowers raw due to lack of labor and corruption

After this stage, the stigma is dried and the saffron is ready for sale with its storage.

saffron production
Drying saffron is the last step in the process of saffron production

saffron production
Many equipments for this purpose (quick drying) are currently produced and available in the market, but in the traditional way, the newspaper also dries over time.
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