Treat eyes problems with saffron

Jaundice is the most common chronic eye disease and a major cause of blindness in people over 60 years of age. In this disease, the macula, or yellow spot, which is the light-sensitive part of the retina responsible for direct and clear vision, is destroyed.

Wavy line of sight, blurred vision, or dark spots in the center of vision may be the first signs of the disease.

According to the Young Journalists Club, according to research, saffron, due to the presence of crocin and crocetin compounds, improves eyelid jump in patients in the short term (20 mg) and long-term consumption (14 months, 20 mg per day) improves it. The quality becomes visual.

Crocin in saffron prevents light-induced death in photoreceptors, increases blood flow to the retina, and improves its function.

Crocetin also increases the release of oxygen to fluids (such as plasma), so saffron and its constituents, especially crocin and crocetin, can protect the function of the eye. These effects can be attributed to the antioxidant function of inhibiting apoptosis and its inflammatory function.

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